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Sparkling Champagne Gummy

Sparkling Champagne Gummy

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Charming sparkling champagne gummy bears are the perfect combination of mildly sweet and elegant. The sophistication of brut champagne delicately paired with gummy goodness. What more could you ask for in a Boozy Bear? These champagne flavored gummy bears are non-alcoholic.



4" dia., 2.5" tall, 10 oz. capacity

Care information

Dishwasher safe; for best results, hand-wash with mild soap and dry immediately. Use caution with hot liquids. If the handle is too hot to hold, then the beverage is too hot to drink. Our enamelware exceeds both federal food safety regulations and California's Proposition 65, the strictest environmental safety standards in the U.S. Handle enamelware with care, and discontinue use for food service if it becomes chipped, cracked, or broken.

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