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PRIZE - "Rock On" or "Hook 'Em, Horns" Hand Sign Sculpture in Brass

PRIZE - "Rock On" or "Hook 'Em, Horns" Hand Sign Sculpture in Brass

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The "Rock On", "Horns Up" or "Hook 'Em, Horns" hand sign is the standard rock 'n' roll salute and a mainstream way of saying, “Rock On”, “Hell Yeah” or “Good Times.” The Horns Up hand sign is also the "Hook 'Em" or "Hook 'Em, Horns" hand sign for The University of Texas Longhorns. This Sculpture makes a great congratulatory gift for students, graduates and alumni alike! PRIZE Sculptures are created in Brass using the ancient method of lost wax casting and then are polished by hand to achieve a high gloss finish. The bottom of each Sculpture is felted to protect any surface. Each PRIZE Brass Sculpture comes in an organic cotton drawstring bag. A polishing kit, including a pair of reusable gloves, one trial size reusable fine metals polishing cloth, and a microfiber buffing cloth, is included to polish your sculpture if desired. Dimensions:  Approx. 7" H X 3.75" L X 3.5" W  Weight:  Approx. 2.5 lbs. Material:  Brass



4" dia., 2.5" tall, 10 oz. capacity

Care information

Dishwasher safe; for best results, hand-wash with mild soap and dry immediately. Use caution with hot liquids. If the handle is too hot to hold, then the beverage is too hot to drink. Our enamelware exceeds both federal food safety regulations and California's Proposition 65, the strictest environmental safety standards in the U.S. Handle enamelware with care, and discontinue use for food service if it becomes chipped, cracked, or broken.

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