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Marky Sparky Toys

Marky Sparky Toys - Faux Bow® Target Tent™

Marky Sparky Toys - Faux Bow® Target Tent™

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PORTABLE MESH TARGET NET FOR FAUX BOW: Now you can practice your archery anywhere! The target tent is ideal for target practice at the park, in your backyard, at parties, camping or anywhere you want to take aim in the outdoors. SETS UP IN MINUTES: The Faux Bow target tent has a quick and easy setup and take down so you can practice your archery skills anywhere! It also disassembles and packs down to a convenient travel size. IMPROVE YOUR AIM: The durable fabric target flag is big and satisfying to hit. Practice your aim, skill shots, and tricks. Impress your friends & family when you have this bad boy in your arsenal. MAKE YOUR OWN TARGETS: The hanger for the flag can also be used for custom targets. Hang empty soda bottles, aluminum cans, or use your imagination to create your own flag. ACTIVE OUTDOOR FUN: You will love the fun of aiming shots at the target tent! Pull back & watch your arrow fly at the target and right into the tent, making it easier to collect your arrows after each



4" dia., 2.5" tall, 10 oz. capacity

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