The Et Cetera Story

Learn about our bridal and baby shower store based in Amarillo, TX today

When Et Cetera first opened its doors 20 years ago, it began as a simple home goods and clothing store based in Amarillo, TX. Today, our store has grown to a 6,000 square foot space dedicated to future parents and spouses. We strive to take away your stress and create a personal shopping experience for each of our customers.

To learn more about Et Cetera, call 806-358-2333 today. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

The right services for your special day

Whether you’re having a baby, throwing a bridal shower or getting ready for your wedding, Et Cetera can be there to make sure you have everything you need for your big day. In addition to working with your registry, we can:

  • Create custom invitations for your event
  • Ship gifts and products anywhere from our store
  • Create birth announcements for your newborn
  • Help you iron out your wedding details

Contact Et Cetera today to speak with an expert based in Amarillo, TX about your stationery. You can start your custom invitations right away.